Autumn - What to sow, grow and harvest in September

After the year we’ve had with the weather, it’s almost unbelievable to be experiencing some heat during September. With the sun finally shining on the vegetable patch, the best thing is that you can extend your growing season even further into autumn, especially when you grow in the Vegepod. The sun and warm temperatures will give you the chance to sow and grow more to be harvested even into the winter months. So if you thought your summer vegetable harvest was over, it's time to think again. Often at this time of year, to prolong cropping all you need to do is protect plants from high winds or sharp temperature changes and the Vegepod does both of those for you.


Vegepod hothouse covers will increase your growing season by trapping in heat during cooler months.

What to Plant NOW


If you haven’t already, make sure you have sown your winter lettuce, some more spinach and oriental greens such as Pak Choi and Mizuna. They’ll give you some delicious, healthy goodness over the colder months.

Sowing or planting young Kale plants is a great idea because you can harvest the baby leaves which are great in salads or garnishes as well. You might be able to squeeze in some Turnip greens as well, they are great for stir fry and salads plus even some small, baby beetroots might grow in just enough time before it gets too cold.

Picture: Baby beets still have time to harvest if you plant them now.

Broad beans and peas can be sown now for spring cropping, so it is definitely time to start thinking ahead to next year. Onions and shallot sets can be planted out and Garlic cloves as well for overwintering. It’s a good time to clear out the Vegepod of old plants, replenish the compost if needed and get ready to plant up some winter veg. 


What to Cook

As many of the summer crops are coming to an end, it can be a rush to harvest and store them for over the coming months. If you have tomatoes that aren’t quite ripe and probably won’t get the chance to ripen up now, harvest them to make a green tomato chutney.

Chilli plants in the Vegepod should be still be cropping now and if you keep snipping them off, you should find more growing soon after. Add some in to your chutneys or pickles, pop some into some oil for your own chilli oil or spice up any dish in the kitchen.


Reader Question of the Month

My canopy mesh has turned green. How do I clean it?


Easy! A gentle machine wash in cold water with an eco friendly washing powder will bring your mesh back near to it's original condition. Put the cover inside an old pillowcase to protect the mesh. 

Long time Vegepod Owner Karen, recommends using 'Wet and Forget', a product that is easily purchased online. See below images for before and after results!




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