Growing in the Winter with Vegepod

It sure is harder to find a reason to get outdoors at this time of year…but if you’ve got that itch to get your hands dirty in the garden again, here are winter growing tips to get an early harvest in Spring for your Vegepod.

  1. Speed up the Harvest Time Frame with these Veg:

By planting these veg now, you start the process early, allowing the plants to become dormant throughout the Winter, and grow as the temperatures pick up again. You’ll be harvesting in the height of Spring rather than only just starting the process. More time to bring another crop of Veg around for the Summer!
Broad Beans: Sow in December to harvest Early May using a garden fleece over the soil.

Onions: Most root veg is better planted by seed. When starting from sets or seedlings, the transplant process disturbs the roots and stunts growth.


 Lettuce: Choose a hardy winter leafy green such as the Winter Gem or Lambs Lettuce, which you can be harvesting throughout the Winter.

Garlic: Great for early-winter planting, as this veg needs a cold dip in temp to form a strong bulb. Rather than seed, garlic is best grown from a clove. Always grow from organic cloves from the garden centre, and not the supermarket as they are most likely treated. Harvest in the Summer.

 2. Create Warmth:

In order to propagate seeds and protect growth, the Vegepod must have the polytunnel cover. Made of PVC, this cover traps and retains warmth by allowing less airflow. You can keep the polytunnel cover on from October right through to April. If you can, add a garden fleece or cloche over the top of the soil for a higher chance of germination, especially if you’re in harsher conditions.

3. Maintain your soil: 

As winter is a wet time here in the UK, ensure your soil is well-drained by adding a course perlite to prevent water logging. With your Vegepod, ensure the drainage points of your wicking-beds are unblocked. When using the polytunnel cover, this will thankfully keep the majority of the rain off.

 4. Grow Indoors!

If your region is particularly harsh, think about growing indoors instead! Our Vegepod Kitchen Garden is a great self-watering wicking bed with full sun spectrum grow lights to be able to grow leafy greens and herbs all year round. This is also a great tool to propagate seeds and seedlings to later be transferred into your Vegepod when the Spring comes around.