Raised Bed Kits UK: Why Are They So Popular?

Raised bed kits UK wide are an increasingly common sight and a popular purchase for those with an interest in gardening or harvesting their own food. There are a number of reasons why everyone from those with budding green fingers to those who are dab hands with a garden trowel love these kits. If you're not already familiar with this type of gardening, or you'd like to understand the benefits of raised beds over a more conventional garden, then this article is for you. We're here to briefly spell out what you need to know about plastic raised garden bed kits and why they are so popular.

What Makes A Raised Garden Bed So Appealing?

So when we talk about a raised vegetable bed kits, what do we actually mean? Well, raised beds are a way of segmenting your garden into manageable chunks that separate the things that you are growing from each other, as well as segmenting it from the rest of your garden. As such, they are well suited to those who are tending small plots of flowers and vegetables. As a result of their design, they are a great way of keeping your plants accessible, as well as offering the benefits of better drainage and more manageable soil temperatures. These benefits are all primarily due to the beds being raised and as such, being off of the ground. Another advantage of this is that those pesky pests that pose a threat to your plants – such as snails and slugs – will have a tougher time in gaining access to your plants. With how severe this problem can be for some people living in rural areas close to meadows or woodland areas, it's clear why the popularity of raised bed kits UK wide is so high.

The Benefits Of Raised Vegetable Bed Kits UK Wide

As well as the benefits mentioned above, there are many more reasons behind why raised beds are so popular – particularly the elevated kits. While raised beds can be close to ground level, this can be a barrier for those of us with mobility problems. Thankfully, it's possible to get raised vegetable bed kits UK options that utilise stands and trolleys. This means that you can essentially place your plants wherever you want without having to get on your hands and knees, bend over or even cross great distances from your door across slippery grass or unstable mounds of soil. These raised units can also come with other added benefits over traditional raised beds – including the ability to control nutrient levels and self-watering systems. These benefits alone can take some of the hassle out of gardening.

Get Raised Bed Kits UK Wide With Vegepod

At Vegepod, we are suppliers of garden bed kit pods that differ from conventional raised beds. How? The Vegepod Raised Bed Kits UK allow you to raise to waist level – simultaneously providing the benefits of container gardening and raised bed gardening. Not only that, but Vegepod's kits protect your plants and veg from climatic conditions, pests and animals and allow you to grow past their traditional seasons due to a canopy complete with permeable mesh. Ingeniously the canppy also includes an irrigation system which is simply connected to your garden hose for easy watering. We supply our raised bed kits UK wide. To find out more about Vegepod and our kits, simply visit us at https://vegepod.co.uk/pages/product-features, contact us at info@vegepod.co.uk or give us a call on 01737 764940 if you have any questions or concerns.