Welcome to the Vegepod Owners Group. Are you a member?

Have you heard? There‘s a secret Vegepod group on Facebook that not even Vegepod is a part of! It’s called the Vegepod Owners’ Facebook page and it’s run by an amazing, completely organic community of Vegepod owners - with no chime in from Vegepod staff! 

That’s right - we’re deliberately keeping the page ‘corporate free’ because we don’t want to interfere in any way, shape or form. The page is an amazing testimony to strength of the Vegepod product with a warm, vibrant community of growers providing support, information and celebration in the context of different applications, climates, successes, and advice from around the world!

Vegepod Owners Group  

Check the page out now! They’re almost at the milestone of 2,500 members (all organic - we couldn’t be prouder!).

If you're new to the Vegepod community, join the group here