Watering tips for success

When it comes to watering young seedlings, whether you’re an old hand at gardening or a complete beginner, you need to keep a few things in mind as they can be delicate little things! 

To give them the best start, you’ll want to keep both your seedlings and the soil surface moist, so you should look to water them every day. That being said, once your plants become more established, it’s important to reduce the amount that you water them – as overwatering can drown the plants and cause as much harm to them as underwatering them. 

Fortunately, the Vegepod is ready equipped with two traditional ways of watering to make it as easy as possible to give them just the right amount as they grow.

Irrigation System - Watering from Above

Watering from above using Vegepod’s overhead mist irrigation system is ideal for gently watering seedlings that are still developing, as well as moistening the soil just enough. The in-built system includes a mister that produces a super-fine spray from above.

Manual Watering - Do it your way

Other manual methods of watering from above include using a watering can or a hose to top up the water reserves if the weather is particularly hot or if you have the polytunnel cover on. Make sure you use the most appropriate watering rose or spout as coarse rose directly on your soil may wash your precious seedlings away, so try a fine rose and water very gently at first.  

Reservoir System - Watering from Below

Once the seedlings have grown a root system, they will be able to use their roots to locate moisture in the soil. The Vegepod is made to maximise this method of watering through its in-built reservoir. Once you have added your soil on top of the reservoir, it will draw – or ‘wick’ – the water upwards, so that the plants can easily take what moisture they need to grow and thrive.  This is what makes the Vegepod system so unique!

self watering capillary in vegepod

Although the Vegepod canopy is permeable, the polytunnel cover (otherwise called the winter cover or hothouse cover) will stop rainwater getting through to the plants, so you will need to make sure to water your plants regularly when using this, even if it is cold. It’s also important to note that on sunny and warm days, the water will evaporate quicker from the Vegepod and will need to be replenished so that your plants don’t dry out.