Predicted Cold-Snap & What to DO?

As keen gardeners, we keep a close eye on the weather forecast at this time of year.

We’re as delighted as no doubt you are that the weather is finally turning with warm, long summer days imminent. But growers beware! Night time temperatures are likely to plunge over the next few days with a cold snap predicted. Hopefully not to the extent in the image!!!

This could be a significant problem for many veg growers – tender plants such as beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes, peppers, and even seedlings and young plants of some of the hardier crops, such as peas and salads, may suffer badly in the cold snap. This can cause them to go into shock, where they survive but sit there looking sad for a month or more afterwards, or worse still, they can die.

However, these challenging conditions are where your Vegepod really comes into its own – simply pop the hothouse cover on, close up the pod in late afternoon, an hour before the warmth of the sun fades, and then all that stored up warmth under the canopy will help protect your plants through the night. Don’t forget to remove the cover again mid-morning if its sunny, so the plants don’t cook.

Another helpful tip if really severe weather is forecast for your area, you can be even more clever. Carefully drape a layer of thin garden fleece directly over the most tender of your plants before closing up the canopy. If you’re concerned it will crush delicate stems or leaves, then just insert a few small twigs between the plants, but keep the fleece close to the top of the plants still. This extra layer might not look like much – and personally we prefer our 12.5 tog duvet on nights like this – but research has proven that the double combo of fleece and canopy can make all the difference in keeping more fussy plants snug and healthy even with light frosts.

We love to see photos of your crops and what you’re growing and these next few nights are when your Vegepod's will really prove their worth.

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Remember if you have any questions get in touch with the friendly team