#GrowWithVegepod this Spring

Come with us in 2022 on a growing journey! There’s no doubt that growing your own is hugely enjoyable and rewarding – but even better is when you can grow together with other people! So we’d like to invite you to be part of our #GrowWithVegepod initiative.   

Perhaps you’re new to growing or just needing some inspiration, our 12 week #GrowWithVegepod Guide will help you to get your grow-jo back for the year ahead.

What is #GrowWithVegepod?

Over the next 12 weeks we’ll show you how to maximise space in your Vegepod, grow and harvest continually and be tapping into expert techniques to keep you growing for longer and harvest all through Spring before we refresh with a new set of crops for Summer. You’ll get access our growing grid for you to follow PLUS you’ll receive expert tips and techniques which will guarantee you successful growing and an abundance of harvests throughout Spring and into Summer.  

We encourage you to send us your updates via email, Facebook (link to owners group), or tag us in Instagram using #growwithvegepod.

Getting Started:

You’ll need:

  • Medium size Vegepod (stand or trolley is optional, we have a trolley for ease of movement on the patio and to chase the sun)

  • Premium compost and Perlite

  • Seeds. See below what we’re growing.

  • Plant labels – always mark where you bury your treasure!

Using a medium Vegepod, we’ve chosen a mix of fast and slow maturing crops and their placement in the Vegepod optimises space and growing conditions. 


Ok, so this is not a real life image but rather our inspiration for what we are growing this Spring. This is what our actual Vegepod looks like.


What we’re growing this Spring:

Start with the middle of the Vegepod, the furthest section away from you and don’t forget to label each section as you go. It’s so easy to forget what you’ve planted. 

What we’ve planted:

  • Cut & Come Again Salad: sown around the outside of the Vegepod, a fast harvest for continual harvesting throughout spring. 

  • Carrots: Thinly sown in the deepest part of the Vegepod. Avoid the joins and edges. 

  • Parsley: Slow to mature

  • Peas: Sown in the centre to maximise the height of the middle section of the Vegepod

  • Coriander: Multiple harvesting throughout the season

  • Rainbow Chard:  Bright and colourful and a continual cropping vegetable.

  • Cos Lettuce: Harvest from bay to mature

We’re using the square foot gardening method which maximises the space you have and neatly packs in a variety of fast and slow producing crops.


We’ve started a little earlier than most but with the added protection of the mesh canopy, polytunnel cover and a floating fleece on top of the seeds, we can bump the temperature up a few degrees and keep the seeds nice and snug.