Getting to know your Vegepod in 60 seconds!

The Vegepod is unlike other raised garden beds. Made from a recyclable and certifiably food-safe plastic that lasts at least 10 years, here’s all you need to know about why the Vegepod is unique.

Self-Watering Wicking Bed

The Vegepod is self-watering. Using wicking wells in the reservoir, the water is "wicked" up to the plant roots.

As shown below, plants are watered from the reservoir.

Overflow Hole

If you’ve watered your Vegepod too much, don’t worry, the overflow hole will drain excess water from the reservoir when it's full. 

One Foot of Soil

Want to grow a carrot or other root veg? We’ve got you covered with one foot of soil depth.

The Vegepod Cover

Unlike most raised beds, the Vegepod comes with a microclimate cover. The cover protects plants from pests, weeds, and hash elements, while filtering in light and rain through the permeable mesh. Hinge clips allow easy access whilst securing the Vegepod Cover to your base.



Our covers provide a 17% shade rate - the lowest in the world. Keeps your plants cool and lets the light in, while keeping pests out.

Mist Sprays

Mist sprays water the Vegepod from above, making it the most water efficient garden bed on the market. The super fine mist sprays attach to the mesh canopy ceiling. Link them to a self-timed garden hose to automate your spraying.

No Tools

Everything you need to assemble the Vegepod comes in the box! No need for additional assembly tools.

Check out our assembly videos for easy instructions on how to set up your Pod!

What Do People Think of the Vegepod?

Fantastic Product, Loving My Fresh Veggies’ ~ Michelle

Get to eat my veggies - not the possums!’ ~ Eric

So happy with my 1st, I bought 2 more!’ ~ Carol