DIY Easter Long Weekend Projects

The Easter long weekend is coming up! (Sunday 21st.) That means one of two things. If you’re a parent/grandparent you have kids everywhere. If you’re kid-free, you’ve got some nice you-time to consider. Either way, if you’re wondering what to do this Easter here are four DIY ideas to consider (aside from eating large amounts of chocolate, of course ;).

House Plant Propagation

In case you haven’t noticed, houseplants are so hot right now. If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon here’s a quick DIY to starting your own home forest. First, find someone with a sansevieria or ‘snake plan’ and ask to borrow a leaf. We recommend sansevieria because any brown thumb can grow these - they’re super resilient, they’re also everywhere in nature and in people’s homes.

Secondly, cut the stalk up horizontally and place the cuttings into your Vegepod or a pot plant. Give the soil a water and within 30 days most of the cuttings will have started to root down into the soil. Pick the strongest cuttings and begin to display them around windowsills in the house.

Here’s a great video of this in action:


Credit: Video by Adela B.

You can do this with many different types of plants. We love the look of plant stems propagating in water by a window sill. Have fun with it.

water propagating plants

Organise An Easter Egg Hunt In the Garden

This is fun even if it’s just for adults on the weekend. We recommend hiding some eggs in the Vegepod for an extra sneaky spot.

This is fun even if it’s just for adults on the weekend. We recommend hiding some eggs in the Vegepod for an extra sneaky spot.

bunny in the vegepod

Build A Easter-Themed Terrarium

This one’s kid-friendly too. Terrariums are super easy to make. You just need 1) pebbles at the base of your fish bowl 2) a thin layer of activated charcoal (to prevent mold) 3) potting soil over the charcoal 4) plants! e.g. moss, nerve plants, Brasil, philodendron. Or you can use succulents, just replace the potting soil with cactus soil instead. Add cute figurines and action figures to make a fairy wonderland in there. If you’re an adult you might like to add crystals or seashells.


Plant Spring Herbs and Veggies 

If you prefer just good old-fashioned gardening on the weekend, we recommend using the Vegepod to plant some beautiful lettuce, Carrots, Beets, radishes, Kale to name a few. Some great advice is found on RHS 

Let us know if you did any of these DIYs over the weekend and hashtag us #vegepod on socials! We’d love to see what you all got up to.