Ask Angus: How to Build A Worm Tower In the Vegepod!

Time and time again we get asked, ‘Can I put worms directly into my Vegepod?’ Well, the short answer is ‘yes. You can literally just throw worms into your pod and, most likely after a few weeks, you’ll find worms throughout your soil. The only issue is, worms need decomposing organic matter to munch on. That’s where our friend, the Doctor of Dirt, Angus Stewart, comes in with his expert advice on making your own worm tower for the Vegepod.

What is a worm tower? It’s essentially a scrap station for the worms in your Pod. Not only does it help you dispose of your kitchen scraps but it also makes worms very happy campers. Don’t worry, they won’t eat your fresh veggies too! Worms only munch on the decomposing matter and live deep within the soil. 

But here to explain in detail is our friend, Angus Stewart. Please have a squiz at our quick, 1.5 minute educational video from Angus that explains how to make your tower and why friendly worms are one of the best things ever for your soil

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