A message to our customers and friends of Vegepod

To our entire Vegepod family,

The last few days and weeks ahead will be unchartered territory for most of us. Not in our generation have we seen mass population isolation like we are seeing in many parts of the world, now including the UK as announced last night.

We wanted to reach out to our customer base and thank you for the fantastic decision you made to become self sufficient in growing your own food. In times of fear and hysteria, all we can do is focus on what we can do for ourselves to calm the panic and to quieten the noise. We hope you’re all getting out in the garden, watching your seeds sprout and harvesting your produce with that in mind.

At Vegepod, we’re proud to have created a community of like minded people. With that in mind, we ask all of our customers to think about how they can be a positive influence on their community at this time. If you have an abundance of produce, consider giving some to your neighbours, particularly those who are elderly or less mobile or who may have struggled to get what they need at the shops.

It's crazy times right now. Be kind to each other and keep growing!


Vegepod UK

Neil and Alex.