5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Food

5 Reasons To Grow Your Own Food

There are so many reasons why you should grow your own food. Sowing, growing and harvesting your own fruit, herbs and vegetables reap many rewards. All you need is outdoor space (big or small), seeds, water and a little time. Combine these ingredients and soon you will have your own little edible garden! 

Do you need motivation to start growing your own food? Here we outline 5 very important benefits to creating your own fruit and vegetable garden. They’re enough to get anybody out in the garden!

1. Health and Wellness

Growing your own food is linked with many health and wellness benefits:-

- Planting, weeding and watering your garden is a form of exercise that is easily incorporated into your daily routine.

- Gardening is a leisurely way to spend time outside in the fresh air with the sun on your back, making us both mentally and physically healthier.

- As you begin to grow your own fruit and vegetables your interest in fresh, healthy produce piques – this is reflected in your eating habits as you begin to enjoy the fresh food you have grown.

- Gardening can be seen as a break from the every day stresses of life 


    “We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us”Jenny Uglow

    2. Environmental

    Growing your own food has many environmental benefits

    - Organically grown food reduces air and water pollution as herbicides or pesticides are not used.

    - Home-grown food does not need to be transported from source to market. This reduces air pollution as planes, ships, trucks and cars are not used to bring the food to your plate.

    - Food waste is reduced as you are less likely to let food soil or be thrown out once you have worked hard to produce it.

    - No packaging is used. 


    3. Relationships

    As you plant and develop your own garden, food isn’t the only thing that will develop and bloom – your relationships will also flourish.

    - You can involve the entire family in the development of a garden. Kids will love the opportunity to get their hands dirty and parents will cherish the opportunity to impart their knowledge on to the next generation.

    - Creating a garden gives people a purpose to get outdoors. This pull away from the monotony of a screen encourages interaction and communication among family members.

    - Gardens can be grown as part of a community initiative, developing community relationships and cohesion.


    4. Financial     

    Home-grown food leads to financial savings.

    - A successful garden has the ability to fulfill all your fruit, herb and vegetable needs.

    Once fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available in your garden, your shopping list will shorten as you incorporate these ingredients into your meals.

      5. Leisure

      Growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is an enjoyable activity.

      - Gardening is a pastime enjoyed by many. It can be enjoyed all year round and is an inexpensive way to leisurely spend your time.

      - Every gardener will tell you that there is nothing like eating the fruits of your own labour. 

      Evidently, growing your own fruit, herb and vegetable garden has multiple benefits. If you’d like to learn more about Vegepod view our new animation video here. Let the nurturing begin!