Australian Owned and Operated

Neil and Alex relocated from Australia to United Kingdom in May 2018 with no prior experience in running a business. Here's a little about our story....

Five years ago, if you'd have told either one of us we'd be running a business in another country, from our home office with two kids under 3 at home with us through a global pandemic... we most definitely would have laughed our heads off, and then probably looked at each other with a nervous and worried stare.  

Neil & Alex Vegepod UK

Since moving to the UK from Australia in 2018 to start Vegepod UK (Alex is Aussie, Neil a Brit) we've experienced some significant highs and lows. We started a business in an industry we knew little about and just as we got into a groove, Covid hit and we were back to our dining room table looking at each other wondering if our business would survive....

And it did. Actually we thrived. It turns out in times of uncertainty (and forced lockdowns) people want to get back to the basics. We want to simplify and declutter our lives of all the things that complicate our day to day, we want to spend time on valuable things, and we want to grow our own food. Vegetable growing provided much needed respite for millions across the country. In fact 60% of people surveyed said they used their garden daily during lockdown as a source of joy. 

The Vegepod story comes from humble beginning's. Click here for an interview with the founder Matt Harris.

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