Medium Trolley Stand

  • Medium Trolley Stand
  • Medium Trolley Stand
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Medium Trolley Stand


Turn your Vegepod into a raised garden bed with wheels with a medium Vegepod trolley allowing for pain free gardening at waist height (1m).

Vegepod trolley's are ideal for courtyards and garden patio's and come with 4 x lockable rotating castor wheels for easy maneuverability.

Made of sturdy galvanised and powder-coated steel, the stands will last for years.

Assembly is easy too with no tools required.

Vegepod sold separately.

Warranty: 1 year

  • Address: 11 Brooklands Close, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 7DX

    Phone: 0800 978 8656



Container Gardening

An easy to manage contained gardening bed is perfect for the home. Control your growth and veggie quality in a separate environment away from the ground.

Self Watering

Veggie health is ensured with our self-watering technology by using a wicking system and watering the plants from below. Plants can last weeks without watering in our Vegepods.

Protective Cover

A greenhouse in our backyard - a polyethylene knitted mesh protects crops from UV and pests. The cover also helps manage temperature by allowing water and air to penetrate.